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Graduate Program in Social Anthropology

The Graduate Program in Social Anthropology was created in 1972 with a Master’s degree followed by a Doctoral program in 1983. The Program as a whole has been continuously rated by the Ministry of Education’s Coordination for the Development of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) at the top rank (grade A prior to 2001, then 7, now the highest grade) among the national Graduate Programs in Anthropology. The Program thereby has been certified as Excellent for four decades. Its faculty is highly qualified in several subfields. The Program comprises two courses conceived as stages of the same training line. The Master’s program focuses on theoretical preparation whereas the Doctoral program deepens the students’ capacity for research and original theoretical development. The Master’s level comprises a total of 30 credits in course work, 12 of which in required courses in theory:  History of Anthropology, Classic Authors I and II, and Social Organization and Kinship. At the Doctoral level, there are a total of 48 credits, 30 which come from the Master’s course.

The Graduate Program in Social Anthropology welcomes students from abroad and from all regions in Brazil. Fellowships are available as well as working space and an up-to-date library.

Admission exams are annual, and officially announced.

+ Admission of students residing outside Brazil